A Real Story about UK Sugar Baby in Seeking Arrangement UK!

Cambridge Sugar Babies Need UK Sugar Daddy

Cambridge Sugar Baby More than 1,500 students at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom are using a website called "Seeking Arrangement UK" to find rich people to be their "Sugar Daddies" and "Sugar Mommas" to pay for their tuition and living expenses. The protagonist of this article used to be such a UK sugar baby. She contacted the author, hoping to let readers know how hard it is for a child born in an ordinary family to study in a top university.

1. Take Pride in Being a UK Sugar Baby

I come from Melbourne. My parents are both teachers. Since I was a child, my parents wanted me to receive the best education. After graduating from high school, they contacted me with Cambridge University in England. However, I hesitated after seeing the tuition fee of Cambridge University. My father said that I didn't need to worry about the tuition fee, as long as I set my mind to study.

I had always done well in my studies, and soon after an interview with Cambridge University, I received an offer letter. According to the requirement of the notice, I should pay the tuition of 24,000 pounds when I register at the school, and also prepare to include the miscellaneous expenses of 3,000 pounds including accommodation costs. I had less than £1,100 by the time all expenses were paid, and although my father said he would send the money as soon as possible, the loneliness of being alone in a strange country was very hard.

I shared a dorm with Wes, a German girl, and Newhani, a girl from Manchester, and we soon became bosom friends. Wes's father was a wealthy farmer, and Newhany's parents were teachers, and like mine, the family put all it could into college. One day, three months into the school year, Newhani sported a designer bag in front of me. "Guess how much this bag costs. It's limited. I asked her if she had won the lottery, otherwise how could she be so extravagant! Newhany leaned close to my ear and said, "I recently met a London sugar daddy who bought me this bag." I couldn't believe my ears. Newhani was only 18, so open at such a young age!

Over the Christmas holidays, I saw photos wes posted on Facebook from her trip to Hawaii. The photo shows Wes in a bikini in the arms of a man on the beach. I thought this man was Wes's father, but Wes told me proudly, "I don't have an old dad like that. He's the sugar daddy I've met recently. He sponsored this trip to Hawaii and spent 20,000 euros."

Both roommates have UK sugar daddies! I think it's amazing. Wes laughed when he saw my surprise. "The main thing I wanted was to earn my tuition fees. Although my father is a farmer, 20,000 euros a year is still a bit much. Newhani chimed in, saying that tuition fees at Cambridge were too much for her family and that she was looking for a sugar daddy in order to settle for a life of wealth.

Before I went abroad, my parents warned me not to indulge myself in The UK. They would manage the tuition fees and living expenses. However, when I paid the tuition fees in the next year, I realized my parents' dilemma, they borrowed a lot of money from relatives without telling me. I didn't want them to go down on their knees, so I borrowed money from Newney. "How about I fix you up with a sugar daddy? 8,000 euros a month is easy if you keep it open," She said. When I didn't respond, she said, "Don't think being a sugar baby is ugly. At Cambridge university, one in 20 people has been a sugar baby." Then she wrote me the address of a website: "If you are interested, you can check it out."

That evening, after much deliberation, I logged on to the so-called "Seeking Arrangement UK." The site's creator, Brandon Wade, graduated in physics and electrical engineering from THE Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1993 and received an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. The platform is designed to help older men like him find girlfriends who are "as poor as money". His famous three lines are: "Love is just a concept invented by poor people." "People are 'forced to make money they can't make any other way." "We're just a dating site. It's a platform for mutual benefit. It's not all about sex."

2. It's not easy being a UK Sugar Baby

Before, I think the website registration when "UK sugar baby" college students should be a few, but when I checked the registration after the statistical analysis of some gaping, because only the UK registered students up to 90000 people, and ranking in the top one at the university of Kent university, university of Cambridge, university of Westminster, Manchester university, university of the arts London, My university of Cambridge has more than 1,500 registered students, almost one in 20.

Some members also shared their experience of being a UK sugar baby on the site: 'A prostitute sells her body for money, while I seek to establish a normal relationship where I can decide not to sleep with her.' "I like this kind of luxury life, do not need their own efforts, there are a large number of brand-name bags, every day is luxurious gifts, high-end activities, I envy the dead." I was tempted. What I cared about was not the life of the rich. I just wanted to solve the tuition problem and let my parents no longer worry about my affairs. I set up a username on the site and waited for the sugar daddy to contact me. On hearing of my change, Newhani said: "You're in the UK, how could your parents know? Besides, our bodies are our own, so we need to know how to develop our full potential!" I was laughable listening to Newney's grandiose excuses, looking forward to earning my tuition and ending my life as a sugar baby.

But after half a month, no sugar daddy contacted me. I had to ask Newney if I wasn't pretty enough that nobody liked me. Newney looked at me for half a minute and then said, "Not everyone can be a sugar baby. There's also the art of packaging yourself! " Newhany handed me a business card and asked me to contact the guy named Game. I called Geim's number to set up a meeting place and time. When he met Geim, he introduced himself as the contact for sugar Baby University, where for 1,000 euros he could get a full range of make-up, relationship training and beauty coaching. Seeing that I didn't have so much money, Geim agreed to pay me in installments over six months.

So, with Geim's help, I went to Sugar Baby University for half a month, then re-uploaded the photos and materials to the website. Sure enough, a week later I got a call from a man named Ebron, and I dressed up for the date. He said that he was the marketing director of a multinational company. If I followed him, I could not only travel around the world frequently, but also attend some high-end parties, which would be of great help in my future job hunting. After a while, we got right to the point: Eberlan promised to give me 9,000 euros a month and call me a day in advance of our dates. Two days later, I got another call from Eberlain asking me to accompany him to an elite party, and I had bought a fancy tuxedo before I left. At the party, I unexpectedly saw Newney, standing next to her was a man with a big belly. At the party, Newney introduced me to a couple of other girls, all of whom I went to school with. "Relax, sugar Daddy wants us to put on the show for them, and he'll pay you if you're good."

After the initial discomfort, I was gracious enough to meet Ebron's friends. At the end of the party, Eberlain led me into the room I had reserved, and my heart jumped out of my chest as he picked me up and threw me on the bed. Ebron saw my predicament and told me to relax. So I gave my body away, guided by Eberlain, who was as excited as a child and gave me 1,800 euros as he left. Suddenly, my phone rang, and it was Newney asking me to come back to school. In the hotel lobby, Newhany saw my silence and understood a little. She assured me that the first time was uncomfortable, but later she got used to it.

3. The story of Daddy Sugar and me

Despite many words of relief, I regretted my indulgence, but I had to meet with Ebron a few more times to ease my parents' burden. In the dorm, Newhany and Wes and I exchanged mutual understanding and sometimes shared ideas. I asked them what would happen if their parents found out. Newhany tossed her hair. "I'm an adult. I can make my own decisions."

Once, Eberlain asked me to take a week off to accompany him on a business trip to the United States, essentially taking me on a business trip at public expense. After arriving in the United States, Eberlan took care of his work in just three days. The rest of the time we spent in hotels or hanging out in scenic spots. Ebron took me out for $2,000 steaks and $900 glasses of red wine, and he gave me an $8,000 purse at the mall. Such a luxurious life makes me happy. I think I can graduate from university and get a large sum of money.

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