Do You Know Over 750,000 UK Female College Students Join Seeking ArrangementS UK ?

British Female College Students The British "Sun" reported on April 12 that according to data released by the Save the Students Association in January this year, 750,000 British female college students have registered for "Sugar Baby UK" on the Seeking Arrangement UK website to show their beauty and vitality. Sugar Daddy dating helps them pay for tuition and living expenses during education.

Seeking Arrangements UK is becoming more and more popular among British female college students

The survey shows that since 2017, due to lack of financial support, the number of female college students who become Sugar Baby has doubled. These jobs include selling sexy selfies, sweet dating and companion girls. The consulting website surveyed 3,300 students, and 4% of them stated that they have switched to Sugar Dating to obtain UK Sugar Daddy Allowance because the average cost of living has risen from £770 per month in 2018 to £807 per month.The organization’s National Student Funding Survey shows that more students than ever are struggling to maintain a balance of payments-an average monthly shortfall of £267.

"The number of female college students who have chosen to Become Sugar Babies in UK has reached 750,000. It is not difficult to see why. The cost of living continues to exceed student aid. The spokesperson of Save the Students, Jack Butler, said: "This makes some students eager to find new ones. lifestyle. We want to see that any student struggling for money can get the information they need to make wise choices. It depends on us, universities, governments and schools to make sure it is available. "

Earlier, the British government commissioned a survey to reduce the university’s annual tuition from £9,250 to £7,500. It called for the return of the living allowance for poor students that was cancelled by the Conservative Party in 2016. Labor MP and shadow minister Emma Hardy told the legend that being able to afford high university fees is "unrealistic" for many people. This is a "worrying fact." She said: "I am shocked that some young people need to become UK Sugar Babies to pay for their tuition. It paints a bad picture of our higher education system, and it is simply not good enough, but there is no better way to solve it.

2. Claire-a British female college student who volunteered to become Sugar Baby

Claire comes from a low-income family and had financial difficulties even before she started studying at the cutting edge in September 2018, but her university refused to help. Her one-year course cost her £6,000 of her £10,400 graduate student loan, and the remaining £4,400 was used to cover her monthly rent of £350, as well as bills and travel. But then she had an accident while volunteering at a summer camp in the United States and had to pay 1,300 pounds for medical expenses.

In January 2020, she desperately tried to make money with rent and bills, but was unable to pay. Claire confided her secret to a friend. Her friend said that she would earn £700 a week as a "Sugar Baby in UK" and suggested that she do the same. A week later, Claire successfully found a Sugar Daddy and earned 80 pounds in 30 minutes. For the next seven months, Claire continued to do accompanying work, sometimes earning £600 a week. She has a fixed Sugar Daddy and a one-time Sugar Daddy in UK. Most of the men she met told her that they were too shy to approach women in real life.

3. Manchester's self-salvation - Seeking Arrangement UK

The same goes for 28-year-old Crystal Ray from Manchester. Even though she is married, she has made money through for 18 months so that she can continue to study for a year of health and social security diploma at a local university.

She can earn £700 a week on dates with Sugar Daddy, and is now using the money to pay off her debts and saving money to start a three-year midwife degree in 2021, with an annual tuition of £9,250. Crystal admitted that when her husband was out for work, she was very nervous when she logged on in the bedroom she shared with her husband for the first time wearing only underwear, but it was necessary.

She said that unless she was qualified as a midwife, she could not give up becoming a UK Sugar Baby. She accused the government of lack of support for adult students: "This is not a fair choice that must be made. The government should provide more help to older students. I have decided on my goal in life. I will help this country by working for the British National Health Insurance system and caring for my mother, but I need to pay a lot to achieve this goal, which is really sad."

4. The British government took little action - Seeking Arrangements UK is Coming

In May last year, the government's "Ogg Review" recommended lowering the loan interest rate while students were still studying. It also proposes to extend the student loan repayment period from 30 years to 40 years, which means that the loan will be held for longer and higher interest rates, resulting in a larger total repayment.

Labour MP and Minister of Continuing Education, Emma Hardy, said: “Those poor girls don’t have the courage to take what should be the most important step in their careers. But the government has taken almost no action. They have a responsibility to ensure that Our young people receiving higher education provide more support and more funds, so that people from all walks of life and backgrounds can go to college without resorting to these measures."

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